Best Shaker Bottle (Top 3)

Best Shaker Bottle (Top 3)

Best Shaker Bottle (Top 3)

This list serves as our guide to find the best-of-the-best shaker bottle in 2016.

From fashion to function, all three options offer significant value over the inferior products floating around our gyms today.

#3: Blender Bottle (+ GOSTAK)

Best Shaker Bottles - Blender BottleIf we could put our experience with the Blender Bottle brand into one word – CONVENIENCE!

Seriously… these guys are making some innovative waves in the shaker bottle / mixer product category.

Now, we get it… mixers aren’t exactly the sexiest accessory in your workout arsenal, BUT with the product diversity that Blender Bottle offers, that may just change.

Blender Bottle offers a nice array of products, all of which have practical uses for the avid gym-goer or busy body.

Top Blender Bottle Products:

  • ProStak: Their ultimate “all-in-one” bottle that stores supplements, snacks, pills, and liquid – all in the same bottle.
  • GoStak: Comes in 5 variations, which includes their “Starter 4Pak” to their 40, 60, 100, and 150cc containers. Designed to be sleek and compact, giving you just enough room for your supplements, without invading your gym bag.

Major Blender Bottle Components:

  1. Clip it, Loop it, Hang it: Integrated with the “Stay Open” flip cap, the adjustable carry loop lets you hold more when your hands are full and offers a convenient place to attach your keys while at the gym.
  2. 100% Leak Proof: The ProStak’s screw-on lid and secure flip cap keep your gym bag and car seat dry.
  3. Worry Free: Made from only the highest-quality materials, BlenderBottle shaker cups are all BPA and Phthalate free.
  4. Twist N’ Lock Technology: Unique interlocking jars have individual lids, making it possible to carry supplements, snacks, and more – with (or without) the bottle.


  • Red, pink, lime green, blue, purple, black, light blue, orange, and white

Blender Bottle Review

Personally, this is the best, most effective shaker + storage tandem that we’ve ever used.

It mixes powders effortlessly, and to a perfect blend that eliminates all powdery chunks, plus has the storage for all of the necessary post-workout powders/supplements.

Without a doubt, Blender Bottle is our highest rated shaker bottle + storage combo.

Blender Bottle Highlights:

  • Multiple Shaker Models Available
  • Multiple Storage Add-Ons Available
  • 11 Beautiful Color Designs
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Leak-Proof Cap

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Update 5/31/2015: Due to the incredible success of our best shaker bottle article, we’ve decided to expand our list from the top two products, up to the top 3 products, to provide our readers with more options for the best shaker bottles on the planet!

#2: Promixx: The Original vortex Mixer

Newest addition to our best shaker bottle article!
Best Shaker Bottles - Promixx Original Vortex Mixer

Hailed as the world’s “most advanced sports bottle”, the Promixx shaker bottle offers “Vortex Mixing Technology”, which helps to create some of the smoothest supplement and protein drinks we’ve ever had.

Designed to mix and blend liquids and powders, the Promixx opens up a world of mixing possibilities, mixing everything from:

  • Pre-, intra-, and post-workout supplements
  • Thick protein shakes
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Omelettes (bet you never considered using your shaker bottle to prepare your morning omelette)
  • Baby formulas; and
  • Even your favorite cocktail!

We get it… too good to be true, right? Wrong!

We were skeptical at first, too, but after working with the Promixx guys and trying one of their shakers ourselves, the proof was inevitable.

These shakers really kick ass.

With an ultra high torque, detachable motor, along with their specially made “x-shape” blade design, the Promixx creates a perfect vortex to effectively meet your blending needs.

For those on the go, who don’t always have time to mix your drink while on the run, this is the perfect solution for you, as you simply press the button, let it sit for 10 seconds, and then press the button again to turn it off.


The only reason we didn’t rate the Promixx as our best shaker bottle, is due to the premium pricing, which is certainly understandable, considering the technology behind the product.

So, for those that are willing to spend a couple extra bucks to ensure that you have a shaker bottle that will withstand all that you can throw at it with your busy schedule, we recommend investing the extra bit of your hard-earned cash to enjoy this incredibly fine product!

Promixx Review

Having used this product pretty extensively, we can really attest to the value that it provides for a busy gym-goer.

It’s pretty fascinating to watch it work its magic also. We’ve tested it with pretty thick shakes, comprised of incredibly large scoops of protein, even with added peanut butter, which it didn’t seem to have any problems with.

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful and innovative shaker bottle on the market, hands down. We highly recommend this product if you can afford to spend a few extra bucks (100% worth it).

Promixx Original Highlights:

  • Engineered Blunt Blade
  • 1 Detachable Motor
  • Leak-Proof Sports Cap
  • World’s Most Powerful Vortex Shaker
  • 600ML Capacity

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#1: Cyclone Cup

Previously ranked #2 best shaker bottle. 

Best Shaker Bottles - Cyclone CupAllow us to introduce CYCLONE CUP! 

Hailed as one of the best shaker bottles, with its patented “Cyclone Mixing Technology”, Cyclone Cup helps you train smarter.

With 9 mesmerizing colors in their 20 oz shakers, Cyclone Cup is well on its way to shaking up (pun intended) the fitness shaker bottle industry.

Thanks to their revolutionary cyclone mixing technology, the Cyclone Cup is proven to mix better than today’s leading shaker bottles.

Whether you’re mixing heavy duty protein, pre-workout, or post-workout supplements, this unique shaker helps you to blast through the toughest of ingredients and supplements with the type of ease that no shaker has before, and we say this with first hand experience!

Though it may sound like a simple concept, and some of you may be thinking, “What’s the difference from my standard shaker that uses a free-floating wire whisk ball?”

A valid question!

Allow us to explain the difference; those pesky wire whisk balls flow with the fluids that are being mixed, providing for a less diluted shake up of the supplements and ingredients within the shaker.

The Cyclone Cup, however, is stationary (located under the “Secure-Lock Cap & Screw-Tight Lid”, which allows it to move against the flow of your shaken ingredients and supplements.

This unique function alone, allows the Cyclone Cup to maximize the stream of “kinetic energy”, allowing for the most dilution.

All of this results in a smoother end product, whether it be your protein shake, pre-workout, or meal replacement shake.

Cyclone Cup Collections / Colors:

  • Cyclone Cup 20 oz:
    • Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange Green, Light Blue, & White
  • Cyclone Athletes Cup 20 oz:
    • Lazar Angelov, Dennis James, Big Ramy, Ryan Hughes, Aesthetix Era, James Ellis, Hidetada Yamagishi, Jason Poston, CT Fletcher (our favorite), Anthony “Showtime” Pettis & Larissa Reis
  • Charitable Cyclone Cup 20 oz:
    • Pink Ribbon

Cyclone Cup Review

The team over at Cyclone Cup were generous enough to send us a red and black one, which we tested out immediately with our top-rated pre-workout supplements.

I was so impressed with its functionality and the way that it actually performed as advertised, that I couldn’t wait to get my review up for you guys to check out.

It was (honestly), the smoothest protein shake that i’ve ever had. It removed so much of the hassle of having to continuously shake my traditional shaker to eliminate chunks throughout the entire shake.

It was really great.

Now, we understand that this isn’t going to change your life, but for those that are serious about their workout regimen, and all of the minor details that go along with it, then this product is, without a doubt, $15 of your hard-earned money well spent.

Highly, highly recommend, and without a doubt, rated as the best shaker bottle on Supplement Demand.

Cyclone Cup Highlights:

  • Patented Cyclone Mixing technology
  • Secure-Lock Cap & Screw-Tight Lid
  • 20 oz Liquid Mixing Compartment
  • 6 oz Dry Storage Compartment
  • BPA & DEHP-Free
  • Perfect for Home, Gym, and On-the-Go Use!

Buy Cyclone Cup Shaker Bottle Now

If you’re looking to see the new Cyclone Cups in action, check out the Transparent Lab’s shaker cups, they’re pretty cool!

 Best Shaker Bottle Roundup

Hey, guys! If you’ve made it this far through the article, we certainly thank you for spending some of your day with us!

Again, we understand that shaker bottles aren’t the seixest part of your workout routine, or of the necessary accessories that go along with the lifestyle, BUT they are necessary!

For those that are serious about fitness, athletics, and bodybuilding, proper supplementation, whether it be protein shakes, BCAAs, or your favorite post-workout supplements, are imperative to your success.

That being said, everyone needs the right tools to provide a simple and efficient means of taking supplements throughout the day, which is where our best shaker bottles come into play!

As always, if you decide to purchase one of the three shakers above, head back over to Supplement Demand and tell us all about your experience!