Best Workout Grips

Best Workout Grips

Best Workout Grips

#1: FatGripz

FatGripz, without a doubt, have to be one of the most simple, yet most innovative fitness accessories to ever hit the world the fitness. What most weightlifters and bodybuilders don’t know, is that modern barbells and dumbbells have an average handle diameter of roughly 1 inch. How is this relevant, though? It’s quite simple, actually, when you compare them to “old school” barbells and dumbbells and pro athlete barbells and dumbbells, which have average handle diameters of 2-2.5 inches.

These thicker bars have been used in some of the best training facilities in the world, and were the norm for some of the greatest bodybuilders, who have set some of the greatest unbroken strength records. Enter FatGripz. A revolutionary thick handgrip, which has been proven to help develop maximum muscular size and strength in your arms. As Brooks Kubik (multiple world record holder” was quoted, “The thick bar work allowed them to develop levels of upper body power virtually incomprehensible to those who train only with regular bars.”

With a handle diameter of 2.25 inches, FatGripz are made from a high-density, military-grade compound (a lot like rubber), that can be pulled open and snapped back in a clamp-like motion, instantly converting modern dumbbells, barbells, and pull-up bars into thick bars. Check out this quote below”

“If your big bench-pressing muscles (pecs, delts, triceps) can handle 400lbs, but your hands and forearms can only handle 300llbs, then your bench press is 300lbs. The biggest weakness almost every lifter and athlete has is in the hands and forearms. Think that’s not a problem? Think again. The hands and forearms are your point of contact with the weight in 95% of exercises. FatGripz increase muscle activation throughout the entire arm and solve this problem by adding size and strength to the forearms and upper arms, fast.”

Best Workout Grips - FatGripz


These guys are so confident in the product, that if you don’t feel the impact in your arms in your very first workout, they’ll happily give you a full and immediate refund (and they even pay shipping both ways). It doesn’t get any better than that. What do you have to lose?


  1. Dave Tate: Holder of Elite Status in Powerlifting (In 3 Weight Classes)
  2. Jay Cuttler: 4x Mr Olympia Champion & 3x Arnold Class Champion
  3. Phil Heath: 2x Mr Olympia Champion
  4. Brandon Fokken: Team Bodybuilding 2x Muscle & Fitness Online Winner
  5. US Special Forces
  6. British Royal Marine Commandos
  7. NFL Team
  8. UFC Fights
  9. Champion Bodybuilders
  10. And the list goes on…

We’ve even added a video of Jay Cutler using FatGrips below:


  • Increased Muscle Activation: FatGripz help to stimulate more muscle activation in the hands, forearms, upper arms, and the entire upper body. More muscle activation = bigger muscle and strength gains
  • “Unlocking” Muscle Gains: FatGripz make your hands, fingers, and forearms far stronger than modern skinny bars, which allows you to “unlock” the strength you’ve been lacking from having strength in all necessary muscle groups
  • Complete Training: FatGripz allows you to re-train your hands, fingers, and forearms from all angles
  • Natural Movement: FatGripz allows you to replicate natural lifting motions of the hands, fingers, and forearms
  • Automatic Training: FatGripz allows you to re-train your grip throughout the duration of all exercises
  • Concentration: FatGripz make it harder to handle equipments, which creates an added sense of focus and concentration to your workouts
  • Less Imbalances and Injuries: FatGripz help to shift the stress from your joints, and onto your target muscle groups because the weight is spread out over a large surface of your hand


These things are serious! As warned, most often, you’ll find yourself being able to do less weight that you originally were able to without the use of FatGripz, due to the re-training of the muscles in your hands, fingers, and forearms. We weren’t entire sold on the concept of FatGripz until we actually tried them. You can literally feel the added burn and pump when workout your upper body when using these grips. It’s pretty incredible, actually. The function of FatGripz is pretty remarkable. Whether you’ve trained with a thick bar or not, picking up a pair of these grips for $39 sure as hell beats the cost associated with purchasing your own thick bar (for home use, that is). The ultimate intended use of these FatGripz is most notably for major upper body workouts like bench press, deadlift, bicep curl, and pull-ups. I am now a firm believer in the ideology that, as a bodybuilder / weightlifter, you are only as strong as your weakest link, which for most, pertains directly to their grip, which is directly correlated to hand, finger, and forearm strength. After using my set of FatGripz, I have begun to put a far greater emphasis on grip and lower arm training, in hopes to develop ultimate strength gains in my upper arms and chest. My team and I here at Supplement Demand are firm believers that FatGripz are the best workout grips on the market, bar none with respect to thick grips. Pick up your pair at the link below:

PRICE: $38.99


For most workouts (that require a barbell, most often), grip stability and hand placement are critical factors that contribute to proper and effective form. Being able to optimize these seemingly minor facets of your routine can often make all of the difference from a good set, to a great set. It’s for this reason that we set out to find the best workout grips on the market, and we’re more than confident that we found the perfect product to serve as that solution. Our friends over at SYMAGRIPS have created the best workout grips we’ve ever seen, which were developed using the highest quality of rubber and SteriTouch technology to help keep your hands dry and your grip perfectly secure during workouts. Easily, SYMAGRIPS are the most versatile workout grips on the market, with easy, fast, and secure attachments for both private and commercial barbells and workout equipments, allowing for unparalleled grip for every exercise in your regimen.

Best Workout Grips for Strength

Below are five benefits of SYMAGRIPS that irrefutably prove that they are the leader and provider of the best workout grips for the fitness community (see benefit details here):

  1. Decreased Risk of Muscular Imbalances
  2. Decreased Risk of Injury
  3. Increased End Disk Symmetry & Stability
  4. Increased Muscle Gains
  5. Increased Hygiene & Anti-Bacterial Qualities

SYMAGRIPS are perfect for anyone involved in weightlifting, whether for bodybuilding, sports, or recreational fitness, looking for increased security and benefits from implementing perfect form. Both men and women, bodybuilders, boxers, personal trainers, gymnasts, MMA fight, home gym enthusiasts, and athletes alike can befit from the use of SYMAGRIPS. 

A few of the exercises that SYMAGRIPS help to perfect form for include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Bench Press
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Bicep Curls
  • Military Press
  • Tricep Push Downs
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats; and
  • Pull Ups

Personal Review:

Upon receiving my SYMAGRIPS (red), I immediately took to my home gym to test them out. Having had past issues with one of my wrists from hockey, bench press has always provided an irritation that took away from my focus and ability to push past my comfort threshold on heavier sets. However, when applying my SYMAGRIPS, they significantly helped to stabilize my grip (not only from sweat, but also from adjusting the width of my grip to accommodate for my wrist), which allowed me to complete my set with ease, without any wrist irritation.

The rest of the Supplement Demand team is already fighting for who gets to use them this weekend, which only solidifies our confidence in this product, and the brand. SYMAGRIPS comes in five different colors; red, black, blue, grey, and pink, and cost a measly £19.99 (company is based in the United Kingdom), which converts to roughly $33 USD. These grips are so durable, that you’ll never need another set of grips to accompany you with on your workouts.

We are absolutely thrilled to review and promote SYMAGRIPS, and remain confident that they are, without a doubt, the best workout grips available!