Growth Factor 9 – A Comprehensive Review

Growth Factor 9 – A Comprehensive Review

HGH, also known as “human growth hormone”, has quite a flurry of attention these days.

Is it safe? Is it legal? Does it show up on drug screens? What can I expect from it?

With so many questions surrounding the allure of HGH, we’ve spent hours upon hours gathering all of the research necessary to publish a lengthy and detailed Growth Factor 9 review, which also includes all supporting information for human growth hormone, in an of itself. Let’s get started!

What is Human Growth Hormone?

As the name suggests, HGH (or GH), is a growth hormone naturally produced by our bodies in the pituitary gland and, simply put, is responsible for cell growth and regeneration. At it’s core, HGH plays a vital role in maintaining the health and well-being of all human tissue throughout the body, including the brand and other vital organs. In fact, increasing muscle mass and bone density are impossible without growth hormone.

Once secreted, growth hormone is converted (by the liver) into several “growth factors”, but most notably, insulin-like growth factor-1, also known as IGF-1, which has been shown to have a plethora of anabolic properties. Common research has shown that human growth hormone supplements like Growth Factor 9 helps to:

  • Increase new protein tissue synthesis during muscle recovery
  • Maintain and increase lean mass during a caloric deficit (cutting/dieting)
  • Improves REM-stage sleeping patterns
  • Increases energy and libido
  • Build stronger bones
  • Increase heart and kidney health

It’s clear that human growth hormone has the capacity to produce astonishing results. Research has shown it to be superior to testosterone due to it being non-androgenic (non-steroidal), causing no aromatization, and with little known side effects in small, limited dosages.

Proven Ways to Boost Human Growth Hormone (Naturally)

As with most natural compounds in our body, HGH levels begin to decline with age. Most often, significant decreases are seen after the age of 30, where growth hormone levels start to decline by upwards of 25% per decade. With this information, the question then becomes, “how can I increase my body’s natural human growth hormone?”. See the top 5 proven ways to boost human growth hormone, naturally, below:

  1. Boost Human Growth Hormone with Weight Training: Heavy weight training has been shown to stimulate HGH secretion throughout the day, which helps to improve muscle growth and recovery, endurance, and mood. For heavy weight training, focus on the “big 3” compound movements; squats, deadlifts, and bench press. By targeting multiple muscle groups at once, growth hormone is produced in greater amounts.
  2. Boost Human Growth Hormone with Healthy Dieting: It’s recommended to maintain a healthy diet regimen that doesn’t interfere with your natural insulin production, which is vital hormone necessary for the production of HGH. Avoid processed foods with artificial ingredients and sweeteners, as well as synthetic oils. Stick to healthy, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  3. Boost Human Growth Hormone with Normal REM Sleep Cycles: Maintaining proper and sufficient REM sleep levels is one of the most critical contributing factors to growth hormone production. In fact, the highest level of growth hormone are released during REM sleep. Uncoincidentally, this is also the time when your body recovers and repairs muscles following intense training. By foregoing proper sleep, you limit the amount of growth hormone your body is able to produce.
  4. Boost Human Growth Hormone with Intermittent Fasting: Growing in popularity, is the concept of “intermittent fasting”, which is the concept of scheduling your meals so you get the most out of them. Here’s a great clinical study covering the topic of “fasting enhances growth hormone secretion and amplifies the complex rhythms of growth hormone secretion in man”.

Growth Factor 9 – “Boost Natural HGH by a Mean of 682%”

Growth Hormon 9 ReviewsIf you’re familiar with the sports supplement industry, and supplements in general, you’ve most likely heard of, or come across, Growth Factor 9. And for those that have heard of it, the reviews are oftentimes on both ends of the spectrum, from “best hgh product ever” to “this stuff is a scam”. So, what’s Growth Factor 9 all about? We’re excited to dive in for you.

Growth Factor 9 Description

GF-9 is a growth hormone-boosting supplement backed by a clinical study that showed Growth Factor 9, when administered orally, to be capable of increasing the average serum (blood) growth hormone levels by 682% in both men and women across an appropriately wide age range.

Now, any supplement that increases a healthy and desired effect on this level, is going to start turning some heads in the health and fitness industries. This study was groundbreaking for multiple reasons. Primarily, because it showed (for the first time), that a proprietary combination of amino acids, when used in synchrony, can be used to increase and encourage the pituitary gland to increase the body’s natural human growth hormone levels.

The preliminary study results also demonstrated Growth Factor 9’s ability to improve endurance, metabolic rate, energy, and sleep efficiency.

Growth Factor 9 Case Study

METHOD: “This cross-over, placebo-controlled, double-blind study involved healthy subjects [males and females; mean age=32±14 years; body mass index=26.4±5.0 ranging from 19.1 to 36.8kg/m2] (Study ID Number: PBRC10043). Each subject reported to the Inpatient Unit on two occasions one week apart. After an overnight fast, subjects had an IV line placed and baseline blood samples were drawn at -30, -15, and 0 minutes. Subjects were then asked to swallow the capsules of Growth Factor-9 supplement or an identical-looking placebo. Blood was drawn at 15, 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes for assay.”

RESULTS: After 120 minutes, mean GH levels had increased 682% from baseline (0.17 to 1.33ng/ml) and were significantly higher than placebo (P=0.01). In addition, a significantly higher mean AUC was observed after taking the supplement [20.4 (95% CI: 19.9-21.0ng/ml) vs. 19.7 (95% CI: 18.7-20.6ng/ml); P=0.04].”

Results indicated that Growth Factor 9 is effective on both males and females, across an appropriately wide age range. The study’s findings have also been reviewed by The Obesity Society and were accepted for public presentation at the Obesity Society’s prestigious 30th Annual Scientific Meeting.

Growth Factor 9 Ingredients

Growth Factor 9 IngredientsWith only a handful of ingredients, in their patented and proprietary formula, Growth Factor 9 maintains a clean, simple supplement facts panel that has been proven to be the most effective supplement available for pituitary health and growth hormone production.

L-ARGININE HCL: Best known for its nitric oxide-boosting abilities, Arginine has also been known to boost growth hormone levels by inhibiting the production of “somatostatin”, which is a hormone known to impair HGH production. By decreasing the inhibition, growth hormone levels increase significantly.

L-LYSINE HCL: Working synergistically, arginine and lysine work together to instigate the release of growth hormone as well. Many studies show clinically-effective dosages to be in the 1,200mg – 1,500mg range.

N-ACETYL L-CYSTEINE: This amino acid is best known for its protective properties. Specifically, protecting muscle cells from oxidative damage that naturally occurs during physical training. It also plays a vital role in recovery, muscle endurance, fat loss, and increase nitric oxide levels.

L-GLUTAMINE: Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in our muscles and plasma and provides energy and optimal conditions for nucleotide biosynthesis. It’s considered to be essential for proper immune function. Physical activity directly affects the availability of glutamine levels. Two grams of oral glutamine have been shown to elevate plasma growth hormone levels.

SCHIZONEPETA: A common Japanese herb known primarily for its ability to enhance immune functions in the body. It’s often used as a remedy for the common cold.

This proprietary ingredient combination, in their respective dosages and ratios, are patent-pending, and are responsible for the average increase of 682% higher growth hormones levels in men and women.

Growth Factor 9 Review

Having tried Growth Factor 9 for an entire 30 days, I can attest to the true nature of the benefits and claims associated with the product.

It’s been pretty incredible to watch over the past few weeks, as my energy saw a steady increase and my muscle recovery times were noticeably shorter. I plan to continue taking this for a 90-day period, to track my changes on a larger scale to report what the true benefits are over an extended trial period. I can, however, with absolutely certainly, confirm that Growth Factor 9 isn’t strictly a “smoke in mirrors” type of supplement.

Clearly, results will vary. So, if you don’t see noticeable changes in the first couple of weeks, don’t give up on it just yet. Some people’s bodies take longer to notice any effects, like increased energy, muscle recovery, workout endurance, etc. It’s also very important to note that Growth Factor 9 isn’t a “miracle drug”. However dedicated and disciplined you were before, you’ll want to maintain that level (if not, increase it) over the course of your time using Growth Factor 9.

After All, in order for your body to increase its natural growth hormone production, it has to be taken care of properly. That being said, make it a priority to get dialed in with a proper workout regimen and nutrition program to ensure optimal results with Growth Factor 9.