Pure Vita Labs Game-Ade Review

Pure Vita Labs Game-Ade Review

Pure Vita Labs Game-Ade Quick Overview

Game-Ade, by Pure Vita Labs, is a full spectrum electrolyte mix made to help improve physical performance in athletes. Formulated with clean ingredients in mind, Game-Ade is much more than an average electrolyte blend. Each serving contains clean ingredients like amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals. These micronutrients may help improve recovery time, endurance and your total physical output.

PVL Game-Ade Highlights:

  • Zero artificial substances
  • Decent taste
  • No added sugar
  • Mixes easily
  • Dairy and Gluten Free
  • Caffeine Free
  • Clean, healthy formula
  • Great alternative to Gatorade

What are Electrolytes and how do they work?

An electrolyte is a mineral that conducts an electric charge when mixed with water. These nutrients help ensure proper muscular function, balance blood p.H. and regulate how much water is stored in the body.

When you exercise for a sustained period of time, your body will use up electrolytes which affect physical performance. A good way to visualize how important electrolytes are is by comparing them to that of the motor oil in a car. While they aren’t the fuel source, they are a vital part that significantly impacts the way a car (your body) functions.

Replenishing your body with electrolytes after working out is critical.

If you’re working out for about 45 minutes, just drinking water should be totally fine. But if you’re running a marathon, it’d be wise to carry electrolytes with you. Deciding whether or not to try a sports mix like Game-Ade depends on how you feel, the activities intensity, and its duration.

Running out of electrolytes can lead to negative consequences.

Your body will likely start running low after very long periods of consistent high-intensity exercise. Like how too little motor oil can cause noticeable problems with your car, having low levels of bodily electrolytes typically causes symptoms like fatigue, nausea, as well as muscle cramping. This is why if you’re an athlete or into intense fitness, it might be a good idea to take something.

Is Game-Ade a Good Gatorade Alternative?

The most popular electrolyte drink you’ve probably heard of is Gatorade. Like Game-Ade, it’s made to help you rehydrate faster with sodium and supply a source of electrolytes (potassium).

However, Gatorade is loaded with processed sugar and other ‘junky’ artificial ingredients. Nutritionally speaking, Gatorade has barely a fraction of the beneficial ingredients and dosages Game-Ade has, so there really isn’t much to brag about.

So then, what is good about Gatorade?

Gatorade has cost, availability, and taste on its side. With respect to Game-Ade, Gatorade is significantly cheaper, can be found pretty much anywhere, and tastes like candy… albeit from all the wrong reasons. That’s about it as far as pros go, and they don’t help nearly as much as a full spectrum electrolyte mix like Game-Ade could. This is because Game-Ade has considerably more ingredients at higher dosages like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and no bad ingredients.

Game-Ade has better ingredients and may provide more benefits.

As you exercise, your body generally depletes its stores of essential nutrients at a faster rate than normal. As important as it is to restore electrolytes, they’re only half the athletic formula. It’s arguably just as vital to replenish other lost nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to better sustain peak functionality.

Water vs Game-Ade – which is better?

Figuring out whether or not you should drink pure water or add Game-Ade ultimately comes down to your personal health and what you’re about to accomplish. As mentioned above, if you don’t normally experience cramping and are going for a light workout, you’re fine with just water.

If your workout is going to take more than an hour, like a marathon, then it’d be a good idea to take Game-Ade before, during and after. If in a pinch, drinking Gatorade can still help. If you begin to feel the symptoms of low-electrolytes, replenish fluids and take a break from exercise.

How Does Game-Ade Taste?

Unlike Gatorade, Game-Ade doesn’t use artificial ingredients to enhance its taste. Game-Ade gets its flavor and color from clean plant-based extracts, including red-beets. It’s tangy and sour at first, but it certainly grows on you after a couple sips. While it doesn’t taste like candy, you can rest assured knowing you’re not ingesting any harmful or otherwise negative additives found in other more mass-produced drinks.

Where Can I Get Game-Ade, and how do I Take It?

As it stands, we found the fastest way to get our hands on some Game-Ade was by picking it up through Amazon. It’s also available for purchase on Pure Vita Labs’ website and is sold by a number of other online retailers. Each canister will cost approximately $40, but we’ve noticed it can go on sale sometimes. We’ll continue to monitor both its physical and online availability and update this information as necessary. A full list of available suppliers can be found Here.

Game-Ade offers 60 servings of nutrients per tub. Each serving is one scoop, but we believe these dosages to be low by themselves, so we suggest doubling its serving size to 2. This will cut your supplement’s expectancy in half, but it’ll also provide a significantly higher range of absorption. At that rate, it’ll last about 30 days of daily use at 2 servings per day.

Final Thoughts on PVL Game-Ade

To us, we believe Game-Ade is a much more effective sports-mix supplement for exercise than Gatorade is. While it costs more than competitors, the benefits it can provide are simply unmatched. It contains a completely clean formula and provides trace minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and even 100% DV of critical B-Vitamins. This helps improve a better overall performance and support the body’s overall function, far after exercise is complete. It also tasted decent and mixed nicely, which was an unexpected plus.

It’s uncommon to find this level of precision built in a supplement at a decent price point. We enjoyed our experience taking Game-Ade and will continue to choose it over mostly sugar-filled drinks like Gatorade and other mass-marketed sports beverages.