Best Natural Testosterone Boosters (Top 10)

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters (Top 10)

What are the best natural testosterone boosters?

To be considered the “best testosterone booster” in an industry that’s saturated with hundreds of products is quite an accomplishment.

We’ve done all of the research, from the brands and their reputations, to the ingredient profiles and consumer reviews.

We’re more confident in this list the best testosterone supplements than any other list  on the internet.

Our list of the top 10 best natural testosterone boosters use some of the world’s most powerful herbs and botanicals to help support your natural testosterone production.

Some of the most popular ingredients (that you should be looking out for) include:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Asparate)
  • Long Jack Extract
  • Fenugreek; and
  • Epimedium. 

These ingredients, when used synergistically, help to increase optimum testosterone levels, performance, strength, and muscle gain.


As we all know, as we get older, natural testosterone production begins to decrease, which results in decreased muscle mass, energy, endurance, and sex drive.

Boohoo, right?

Not necessarily.

With this in mind, natural testosterone boosters are recommended by individuals over 25 years of age.

The benefits of these products are incredible.

Our team has used them here, and we’re constantly reading reviews all over the internet of our top 10 best natural testosterone boosters.

With increased lean muscle mass, healthier sex drive, and increased recovery times, these supplements are incredibly powerful.

We’re extremely excited about this post, and cannot wait to hear about all your positive results.

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters – Starting with #10-#5

P6-Extreme-Black-by-Cellucor-Reviews#10: P6 Extreme Black by Cellucor

P6 Extreme Black, by Cellucor, boasts an impressive Nootropic Testosterone Technology that helps to support muscle, power, and focus.

As some of you may know, but most probably don’t, there was an “old” P6 Black product on the Cellucor roster, which, since 2008 has been revamped into it’s new, legendary P6 Black Extreme.

It’s been reimagined and reformulated with the most effective pro-testosterone compounds and cutting-edge nootropic agents to deliver superior results.

P6’s core ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), is a non-essential amino acid that has been proven to boost testosterone levels, increase strength, and support metabolic function.

Keep an eye on this product, as you may see it higher on our top 10 best natural testosterone boosters list in the coming months!

Animal-Stak-by-Universal-Nutrition-Reviews#9: Animal Stak by Universal Nutrition

Animal Stak, by Universal Nutrition, is a complete anabolic support vitamin stack, tailored towards athletes who are looking to optimize strength and performance.

By helping to enhance the natural production of testosterone and growth hormone, Animal Stak helps to optimize your internal anabolic “environment”, while also helping to restore support nutrients to enhance your muscles recovery and repair process.

This is a “must-have” product for heavy lifters looking for a natural anabolic edge, athletes looking to support natural testosterone levels, as for anyone looking to optimize their overall strength and performance.

Z-Core-PM-by-MusclePharm-Reviews#8: Z-Core PM by MusclePharm

As an anabolic mineral support formula with Fenugreek, Z-Core PM helps to support natural testosterone levels, muscle strength, and recovery.

As an added bonus, different from many of the other supplements on this list, it also helps to promote deep and restful sleep, as well as increased support for your sexual health.

Consumers love this stuff.

Whether you’re an athlete, professional bodybuilder, or otherwise, maximizing sleep and recovery is essential to be able to perform at your best, day in and day out.

That’s why Z-Core PM by MusclePharm is here. Another highly recommended choice.

ZMA-by-Now-Sports-Reviews#7: ZMA by Now Sports

“ZMA” is the first product from Now Sports to make it onto a Supplement Demand top 10 list, and interesting enough, they have two products on our top 10 best natural testosterone boosters article (See #9 “Tribulus 100” below).

With that in mind, these guys must know what they’re doing when it comes to testosterone products.

Designed to maximize absorption and promote recovery from exercise and trainings, this product is a great supplement to play the role of regulating cellular growth, tissue repair, and well as maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Test-Freak-by-PharmaFreak-Reviews#6: Test Freak by PharmaFreak

Through our research, we’ve read some seriously awesome reviews of this product.

Test Freak’s pro-testosterone stimulator helps to increase testosterone, support for muscle growth, strength, and training performance, and it also contains anti-aromatase and anti-DHT complexes.

They even diagram their full “7-Mechanism” testosterone release program, which, for those of you who are somewhat new to how a natural testosterone booster works, is highly educational.

We’ll spare you all of the text here, but we highly recommend taking a look for yourself!

It’s industry leading levels of TESTOFEN (700 mg per serving), as well as 200mg dose of Tribulus Terrestris, are only a couple of reasons why Test Freak by PharmaFreak broke into our 6th spot on our best natural testosterone boosters list!

Tribulus-2400-by-IForce-Nutrition-Reviews#5: Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition

Tribulus 2400, by iForce Nutrition, is our 5th best natural testosterone boosters supplement.

It helps to support testosterone and leutinizing of hormone production.

With its ultra high-potency Bulgarian Tribulus Extract, which is known for superior amounts of active ingredients, they help to ensure Tribulus 2400’s potency and effectiveness, as compared to lesser quality extracts on the market.

Some of its primary benefits, as we’ve confirmed from user reviews include promoted sexual drive, as well as increased muscle strength and power.

Top 4 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Below, we take a deeper look into the 4 best natural testosterone boosters on the market today. From looking at the hard facts, product formulas, brand reputation, and real customer reviews, we’re supremely confident in our synopsys below. Enjoy!

#4: TestoGen

TestoGen ReviewTestoGen is a relatively new testosterone booster that has really taken the testosterone market by storm.

Being 100% natural, TestoGen is designed to help you build more lean muscle mass, increase energy levels and take you further than your training can alone, without the help of a powerful testosterone booster.

We’ve received a lot of reviews about TestoGen, from customers and other industry leading review sites.

It also contains supporting ingredients; D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Ginseng Extract, Selenium, Tribulus, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Zinc Gluconate.

TestoGen Key Highlights:

  • Contains large doses of proven ingredients
  • Safe & natural
  • Designed for bodybuilders & athletes

#3: Prime Male

Prime Male Reviews

Prime Male comes in at #2 on our best natural testosterone boosters list and complements our #1 selection by Anabolic Iron nicely, in that it primarily targets males above the age of 30, while TestoFuel primarily targets males under 30.

As, debatably, one of the highest rated and highest reviewed testosterone supplements for men in this age group, Prime Male not only raises your testosterone levels, naturally, but also:

  • Increases Energy Levels (without the “crash”)
  • Increases Libido
  • Increases Lean Muscle
  • Improves Mood
  • Enhances Cognitive Functions

Prime Male includes Mucuna Pruriens and Nettle Root Extract, two ingredients that have been proven to be extremely beneficial for guys aged 30+ looking for more energy, more strength, overall better control over blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular health.

Aside from those two, Prime Male actually has 12 clinically proven testosterone boosting ingredients.

Prime Male packs a pretty awesome punch when it comes to a testosterone booster that actually achieves the results that they claim to provide.

We highly recommend taking a look at their website, as it provides troves of great information to help you to understand why this is the best product, especially for men over the age of 30.

Try Prime Male Now

#2: TestoFuel by Roar Ambition

TestoFuel Reviews

As the #2 on our best natural testosterone boosters guide, TestoFuel is making big waves in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

It’s all-natural, legal, safe, and uses some of the most proven muscle building ingredients in the world.

Simply put, TestoFuel is the only natural testosterone booster that contains large, optimum doses of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and Vitamin D, which we’ve found are the two ingredients that most of the studies behind testosterone boosters rave about.

TestoFuel works in a number ways, but most notably to:

  • Boost testosterone levels safely and naturally
  • Keep estrogen levels low
  • Ensures more of the protein that you consume is used to build lean muscle mass

If you’re in the market for a testosterone booster, you absolutely cannot go wrong with TestoFuel. We recommend taking a look at their website, which has a ton of great information on their ingredients and the science behind it.

Try TestoFuel Now

#1: Testosterone by Anabolic Iron

Testosterone Anabolic IronQuite possible one of the most exciting new brands in the muscle-building industry, Anabolic Iron is beginning to turn a lot of heads in the bodybuilding and fitness industries!

With their newest release of Laxogenin and Epicatechin, their Testosterone is the perfect additional to our best natural testosterone boosters article, and any supplement regimen.

What excites us the most about Anabolic Iron, is their use of non-proprietary blends. 

For years, the prohormone industry has been notorious for their proprietary blends, disallowing you from knowing exactly how much is the main ingredient you’re getting per serving.

Anabolic Iron includes 7 active ingredients:

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Urtica Dioica Extract (AKA, stinging nettle root)
  3. Prunella Vulgaris Extract
  4. Euonymus Alatus Extract
  5. Forskolin
  6. Menaquinone-4; and
  7. Non-Methylated D-Aspartic Acid

There’s some serious stomping power here.

We’re convinced that this is the best natural testosterone booster of the year, if not of the past few years. 

Designed for “serious bodybuilders”, Anabolic Iron’s Testosterone is highly recommend for any supplement stack, whether you’re weightlifting, competing in high-level athletics, or simply looking to enhance your overall quality of life, physique, and sex life.

Try Testosterone Now

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters Round Up

For those of you who took the time to read through our entire article, we appreciate you.

We took quite a bit of time and resources to cultivate all of the research necessary for this list.

But, for us, it’s more than just providing a list of which large, commercialized brands claim to have the “best” products on the market and slapping them into an article.

It’s more so about providing research about these supplements and putting together a succinct, well-researched list of the safest, most properly dosed, and highest value products that are available for our readers.

With that said, we highly recommend doing your research on our top product from Anabolic Iron, who we’re proudly recommended as our best natural testosterone boosters, by checking out their site and reviews from fellow bodybuilders to learn more about their ingredients!