Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Review

Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Review

A Comprehensive Review of PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout by Transparent Labs 

Transparent Labs is the newest brand in the ever-changing sports supplement industry that we feel is worthy of discussion.

We’ve seen many brands come and go, but from the looks of it, Transparent Labs is here to impose some real change to the supplement industry we all know and love.

A change that we welcome with open arms.

At Transparent Labs, we strive to live up to our name. With our supplements, you’ll always find 100% formula transparency. All of our products include key ingredients backed by published scientific research at clinically effective dosages. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality and integrity and have committed to NEVER use artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or harmful additives.

This statement comes from their homepage.

It’s powerful, succinct, and addresses the problems with the supplement industry today.

An industry that’s riddled with “big brands” offering supplements that:

  • Use proprietary blends
  • Don’t include (or underdose) key ingredients
  • Include artificial sweeteners, “label fillers”, and harmful dyes

We reached out to the team at Transparent Labs and they were happy to send us 1 of each of their recently launched pre-workouts; PreSeries BULK, PreSeries LEAN, and PreSeries STIM-FREE.

Transparent Labs PreSeries Pre-Workouts

As the old adage goes… “Actions speak louder than words”.

Cliché, yes… but we’re more interested in understanding how these pre-workouts work and if they’re really as effective as all the reviews around the internet claim they are.

So, we decided to conduct a comprehensive review of Transparent Labs’ PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout.

As mentioned previously, Transparent Labs launched with 3 separate pre-workouts, which fall under their “PreSeries” line. These include:

For the purpose of this review, we’ll be taking a deeper look into PreSeries BULK, which we already consider to be the best pre-workout for bulking.

This PreSeries BULK review discusses the ingredients, our personal experiences with PreSeries BULK, and what makes Transparent Labs so great as a supplement brand.

PreSeries BULK Review: Ingredients

Bulk Pre Workout IngredientsPreSeries BULK, along with LEAN and STIM-FREE, offers 100% label and formula transparency.


As a consumer, it’s the first thing you should look for before purchasing any kind of supplement.

After all, you have the right to know exactly what you’re getting (per serving) for a supplement that you spend your hard-earned money on.

PreSeries BULK was designed for serious athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase lean mass via an intense pre-workout experience.

The first few ingredients that caught our attention were:

  • Citrulline malate (6,000 mg)
  • Beta-alanine (4,000 mg)
  • BCAAs (4,000 mg); and
  • Betaine anydrous (2,500 mg).

Those ingredients alone would be considered a respectable pre-workout.

PreSeries BULK also includes a “testosterone support” complex, which is what makes it such an exceptional pre-workout for bulking. This includes:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc; and
  • Boron

With the added 70 mg of Mucuna pruriens and 60 mg of L-norvaline, PreSeries BULK is the first bulking-specific pre-workout of this magnitude and efficacy.

Transparent Labs BULK Review: Personal Experience

During my review, I used PreSeries BULK for roughly 4 weeks straight (4-5 weight training sessions per week) in an attempt to see if it’s truly a contributing factor for increased lean muscle growth.

I’m now convinced that PreSeries BULK is the best pre-workout for bulking.

It provides an unbelievably powerful pump that makes it feel like your muscles are growing right before your eyes… as you stare at yourself in the gym mirror.

PreSeries BULK: Energy

In terms of energy, the first thing you’ll experience is the effect of the L-theanine (360 mg) and caffeine anhydrous (180 mg) in the highly preferred 2:1 ratio.

You’ll love this energy – it’s quick, powerful, and doesn’t leave you with any jitters, headaches, or  nauseous feelings after a hard workout.

PreSeries BULK: Pump

As mentioned earlier, PreSeries BULK’s “pump factor” plays a major role in the overall effectiveness of your workouts.

The 6 grams of citrulline malate and 60 mg of L-norvaline gives the kind of blood flow and vascularity that makes you want to battle for an en extra couple reps each set. This is what we all want!

Fair warning – this pump is intense.

PreSeries BULK: Testosterone Support

The vitamin D3, zinc, and boron matrix is the primary differentiating factor from PreSeries BULK and all of the other pre-workouts that claim to be designed specifically for bulking.

When paired with the other 17 active ingredients, PreSeries BULK really has positioned itself as the best pre-workout for bulking, with no close 2nd.

After the first 5-7 days, I began to feel the effects of the slightly increased testosterone through my mood and the fat loss / definition in my face.

PreSeries BUL Review: Color, Taste, and Flavor

Transparent Labs has committed to never using artificial sweeteners or harmful dyes, both of which are heavily prevalent in pre-workout supplements (especially the most popular ones today, like C4).

The first time you drink PreSeries BULK, be prepared… It packs a sour punch!

This is to be expected, though, with the high dosages of citrulline malate, BCAAs, and betaine, all of which have naturally bitter tastes. Transparent Labs uses stevia, the natural sweetener, as well.

(update 5/13/2016: The taste of the PreSeries line of pre workouts is MUCH, MUCH better now. It isn’t ‘the best tasting pre workout’, but both green apple and blue raspberry flavors are very easy to drink and to us taste good.)

PreSeries BULK Review Round Up

This is just one of those supplements you’re going to have to try for yourself in order to understand its effects. Its that good.

On paper, PreSeries BULK is the best pre-workout for bulking – hands down and without question.

In terms of brand value, Transparent Labs is the top contender for “best brand of 2016”, in our humble opinion.

Transparent Labs is doing what no one else has done (or cared to)… which is to create a supplement brand that focuses on transparency and providing the best overall products to their customers.

Through their product labels, ingredient profiles, research cited on their website, and their customer service, these guys are bound to make some serious waves in the pre-workout industry.

If you’re looking for a highly intense pre-workout supplement that helps to support lean muscle growth, take one month to at least try this stuff – it’s always worth it to find the product that’s perfect for you.

BULK pre workoutPreSeries BULK has our highest pre-workout recommendation of 2017.

PreSeries BULK Highlights:

  • 100% Formula Transparency
  • Science-Based Ingredients at Clinical Dosages
  • Colorless and Sour Taste
  • Intense Pump and Energy
  • Added Testosterone Support
  • Use “bulk10” at Checkout For 10% Off

If you would like to support Supplement Demand, you can follow our PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout link here. Otherwise, type in to view this incredible pre workout supplement.

P.S.- For those looking to “cycle off” stimulants for a month or so, take a look at Transparent Labs’ PreSeries BULK Stack below, which includes a bottle of PreSeries STIM-FREE as well.


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