Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Review

Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Review

Transparent Labs Lean
Transparent Labs:

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you’ve been seriously missing out for the past few months.

This big-formula loving spare-no-expense to make the best supplements type of brand offers a fresh, unique, and much-needed approach that the sports supplement industry desperately needed.

We cannot wait to share with you our experience with their shredding pre workout: Transparent Labs LEAN right here with you.

At Transparent Labs, we strive to live up to our name. With our supplements, you’ll always find 100% formula transparency. All of our products include key ingredients backed by published scientific research at clinically effective dosages. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality and integrity and have committed to NEVER use artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or harmful additives.

After reading that statement (featured on their homepage), it’s as if Transparent Labs surveyed every supplement user, asked them what they wanted… and accommodated every request.

Transparent Labs PreSeries Pre-Workouts

Now, we’re clearly more interested in the quality of their products, than the fancy words and quotes on their website.

So, we dug a little deeper. 

During the time of their recent launch, Transparent Labs released 3 separate pre-workouts, which they call their “PreSeries” line.

Pretty catchy, huh?

PreSeries Pre-Workouts: BULK, LEAN, and STIM-FREE 

For the purpose of this review, we’re going to take an in-depth look at PreSeries LEAN, which we consider to be the best pre-workout for cutting.

PreSeries LEAN Pre-Workout by Transparent Labs – A Comprehensive Review

This comprehensive review covers the ingredients, our personal experiences with PreSeries LEAN, and what makes Transparent Labs so great as a supplement brand.

PreSeries LEAN Review: Ingredients

Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Review - IngredientsPreSeries LEAN, along with BULK and STIM-FREE, offers 100% label and formula transparency.

We love this.

You should love this.

In fact, you should demand it from your favorite supplement brands.

You have the right to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in each serving.

Quite literally, there’s no (acceptable) reason for a supplement brand to use proprietary blends.

And no, “trade secrets” is not a justified reason…

PreSeries LEAN was designed for men and women serious about losing fat, and is most effective when used during a “cutting phase”.

With a name like Transparent Labs, every ingredient is listed with perfect clarity, so you know exactly what you’re consuming with each serving.

Whether this is your first pre-workout, or your hundredth different one, this is undoubtedly what you should be looking for in terms of “label transparency”.

Transparent Labs also offers a cool drop-down feature for each of their product pages that allow you to select an ingredient to see additional information (benefits, scientific studies, etc.).

PreSeries LEAN Review: Personal Experience

I’ve been using PreSeries LEAN for the past 3 weeks (4-5 weight training sessions per week) and I firmly believe that this is one of the best pre-workout supplements in recent years.

It provides a better pump and more sustainable high-level energy than any other pre-workout to date.

PreSeries LEAN: Energy

Most notably, you’ll quickly feel the effects of L-theanine (360 mg) and caffeine anhydrous (180 mg) in the highly-preferred 2:1 ratio.

The energy feeling was clean (no jitters during or after workouts) and intense.

I like to think that my chest and back workouts are pretty intense… and this stuff gets me through them without a fraction of the typical fatigue that I feel following a massive lift.

PreSeries LEAN: Pump

With 6 grams of citrulline malate and 60 mg of L-norvaline, PreSeries Lean delivers a KILLER PUMP. Like, if-you’ve-never-had-veins-now-you-do, type of pumps.

PreSeries LEAN: Fat Burning & Thyroid Support

With a name like “LEAN”, you’d expect to see some kind of fat burning matrix, to accompany the name, right?

PreSeries LEAN has chromium, (200 mcg), which is known to enhance insulin, a hormone critically important to the metabolising and storage of carbs, fats, and proteins in the body.

With raspberry ketones, iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, guggulsterones, and ashwagandha, PreSeries LEAN offers the single strongest weight loss / thyroid support complex out of any pre-workout we’ve ever seen.

This is undeniable. 

PreSeries LEAN: Color, Taste, and Flavor

As apart of Transparent Lab’s “creed”, they use zero artificial sweeteners or harmful dyes, both of which is virtually unheard of in the pre-workout category. It’s not like we’re talking unflavored creatine monohydrate here.

So, don’t be alarmed by the white powder and colorless liquid (once mixed).

One thing to note is the taste. It’s… a tad bit sour. Clearly, it’s due to the insanely large servings/coop sizes and the lack of artificial flavoring.

We understand that for some of you, taste is equally as important as effectiveness.

By no means does PreSeries LEAN taste like a pina colada or an ice-cold glass of fruit punch! But, what it is, is the most insanely powerful pre-workout you’re going to find anywhere online, or in your local supplement depot.

Plain and simple. Hands down. No doubt about it.

(Flavor Update 5/13/2016: Transparent Labs Lean and the entire PreSeries line has underdone a flavor overhaul! Both blue raspberry and green apple flavors taste MUCH better than before. While they used to taste sour, they now taste good while still containing only natural sweeteners.)

PreSeries LEAN Review Roundup

This is just one of those supplements you’re going to have to try for yourself.

On paper, PreSeries LEAN is the best pre-workout supplement.

In value, Transparent Labs is the [new] best supplement brand. 

These guys are doing what no one else cared to do… which is to create a brand centered around transparency, for the sake of their customers. Through their labels, their ingredients, their website, and their customer service (we had a great time dealing with them, believe it or not).

Do yourself a favor…

If you’re looking to burn fat/cut with a high-intensity pre-workout experience, take the time to try this stuff, if only once, to see if it’s right for you.

PreSeries LEAN Highlights:

  • 100% Label Transparency
  • Science-Backed Ingredients
  • Clinical Dosages
  • Colorless
  • Sour Taste
  • Intense Pump/Vascularity
  • Long-Lasting Energy (No Crash/Jitters)
  • We’ve Used “tlabs10” at Checkout For 10% Off (should still work)

You can follow this link to check out Lean: Buy PreSeries LEAN Pre-Workout or type in to view all of their products!

P.S.- For those looking to “cycle off” stimulants for a month or so, take a look at Transparent Labs’ PreSeries LEAN Stack which is 2 Leans and an added STIM-FREE; all with huge savings.


  • Cisco Guy 7 years

    Just took this stuff today and it is Nasty/bitter as Hell. The Boost from this stuff will have you lifting Every and anything you want in the gym. I was moving through sets adding 10lbs at a time with no problem. Felt dam good. Still more evaluation to go on this product. If you can overcome the taste you will be good to go. I say buying it at least once is worth it. The next best thing with better taste is Bullnox with less of a boost compared to pre series bulk.

    • Supplement Demand 7 years

      Hey, Cisco! We agree – the taste is, well… less than 100% enjoyable, but if you’re serious about lifting and can get passed the the taste factor, then you’re in for a great workout!

      • Rod 6 years

        With the BCAA ratio, will I need additional BCAA supplements?

  • Jeremy Caron 7 years

    I love this stuff.. and taste is way better then some but love the effects..

    • Supplement Demand 7 years

      Jeremy – We do too! Transparent Labs is setting a new standard in the supplement industry that we love to see. Have you checked out their new Creapure HMB supplement also?

  • Mario Rojo 7 years

    I tried the ON Gold standard one and it made me sick after the gym and had a hard time sleeping at night, any reviews on this one doing the same thing? Flavor I can suck it up and just pop a piece of gum after taking it.

    • Supplement Demand 7 years

      Mario – Even though PreSeries LEAN has a large scoop size, these guys have taken the necessary ingredient precautions to ensure for great digestibility. From all of the research we’ve done (and we do a lot), we haven’t read anything regarding upset stomach issues. Worth a shot!

      • duds 6 years

        I’ve been on the preserves mass for about 3 weeks and I haven’t got any GI issues with it. To be honest the taste could be better but the pumps I get is insane. I just keep on racking up the weights. My gym buddy has asked me if I’m on the roids lol.

    • Supplement Demand 7 years

      We’ve tried PreSeries LEAN extensively and haven’t had any GI issues with it whatsoever. Every review we’ve read about this product says the same thing. Transparent Labs nailed it with this “PreSeries” line.

  • Ron 7 years

    Pre series lean is definitely over rated and the taste is terrible. It’s almost to the point where it’s not even edible. I never in my life tasted a preworkout this bad and I’ve tried just about every one on the market. Will definetly be going back to pre jym which is the best preworkout on the market in my opionin.

    • Cole Cunningham 6 years

      Dude it’s all natural with no added flavors that is a good thing. You want only what is helping you. I’ve only tried this once and it was the best work out I’ve ever had. Runs circles around c4

    • Supplement Demand 6 years

      Thanks for the input, Ron! We’ve heard this a few times, but ultimately, it still ranks as the most effective and best overall product by our standards. With zero artificial sweeteners, and such large dosages, flavor will always fall behind efficacy.

      • Bryan 6 years

        Yes I agree, I think results always beat taste. I have just purchase 3 tubs of the Pre lean series. I cant wait to try it and see all natural results.

  • April 6 years

    Are there samples that can be ordered to try it before purchasing the tubs?

    • Supplement Demand 6 years

      Hey, April! We’re unsure as to whether or not Transparent Labs offers samples. Based on the reviews on their website and around the internet, we’d recommend you pick up a full tub to really test it out for a full month worth of workouts!

  • Sal Corsini 6 years

    I tried preseries bulk for the first , I dont know y everybody knocks the taste it’s not bad .The pump and energy we’re awsome, I did find 1full scope to be a little aggressive for the first couple times butt ok now , overall I think it’s a great product i just order another one.

    • Supplement Demand 6 years

      Hey, Sol! We appreciate you stopping by. Did you see the recent email launch by Transparent Labs? It looks like they just launched a new Green Apple flavor and made some upgrades to their original Blue Raspberry. We’re glad you had a great experience with it. Seems to be a lot of that going around!

      • Chopper 6 years

        With the new flavor of Green Apple, was the purity compromised with the standard that is trying to be kept as far as no additives? I just ordered my first tub of the Green Apple flavor. I have never tried this product before. I am excited to see if it works. I have not really had any luck with any pre-workouts except for one. I am definitely looking for something to take the trophy and become my “go to” for my pre-workout. I am looking for something to help kick in and help with the “stubborn fat” areas.

  • Josh 6 years

    I just finished my first tub of the preseries bulk. The taste wasn’t the greatest but the results were great. I am torn between getting the same preseries bulk or trying the preseries sim-free. I have always been a big advocate for creatine. It would just suck not having that extra boost from the caffeine which helps greatly somedays. I am definitely going to try the new green apple flavor and I will be sticking with this supplement brand for quit awhile. I will let you know what I think about the new flavor.

  • Shawn 6 years

    I am an avid believer in this company. I have been taking supplements for years and have never seen the transparency that this company shows in their products. I can certainly feel the difference in the bulk pre series and see the difference as well. I am sold. Sure, the taste is a little bland and sour but come on–if the taste turns you off-put down the weights and drink some water. If you have not tried them, do it–plain and simple! Thank you Transparent Labs –and no I am not a Rep! Just a normal guy looking for the best results and clean supps!

  • Kevin 6 years

    So I started Pre-Series about a week ago. I just started back in the gym about a month ago. I workout about 3-4 times per week. I’ve noticed moderate increase how much I could lift/bench. I’m 6’0″ 215lbs. I usually bench 3 sets of 10 reps at 185 lbs to fatigue. I’m now at 205 lbs 2 sets of 10 reps to fatigue. I’ve tried 205 lbs before and could only do 1 set of 10, then 5 reps to fatigue during the 2nd set. The extra push through I guess I could attribute to Pro Series. Taste with water is bland, but I drink it now with OJ, much better. Will keep you posted on progress. Also, by the way; I’m 40 years young 🙂

  • Bodyguard446 6 years

    Hello ,

    first of all thanks for the review .
    my question is , any idea or feedbacks on the side effects ?
    what about sleeping ? i do all my workouts after work so i don’t wanna stay up all night 🙂



  • James 5 years

    Best review I’ve read for a pre-workout yet. A year and a half ago I was avid in my workouts, going to the gym 5-times per week and incorporating some 2 a days in there as well most weeks. Disk issues have run in my family and while I had managed to avoid these for most of my life, had to go in for a double spinal fusion neck surgery last March. Since that time I have not been able to got to gym like I used to. Doc finally cleared me to go back with no restrictions. Needless to say I have gained about 20-lbs since my surgery and and disgusted with myself, needed a good pre-workout to get things moving and didn’t want the same old garbage that I had been accustomed to. Can’t wait to try PreSeries Lean and get my life back!

  • jennifer turner 5 years

    Hi-I am a cyclist, doing some heavy interval training. Any cyclists or runners give any feedback or reviews? How do you think this would work for doing LT and VO2 max intervals?

  • David Toscano 5 years

    Hey what stores sell this product I just started my fitness and I have been using c4 but sometimes I feel like it’s a dud and dose not work I wanna try this product but do stores sell it or do I need to buy it online please respond to me

    • lindsey 5 years

      I haven’t been able to find a way to buy it except through the official website, but I only just googled it. You can find a promo code to get 10% usually too.